Major Max delivers meaty motivational messages in his debut EP “Start Again”

After 14 years of bouncing around genres, Major Max (real name Tyron Ivins) has finally found his beat in the electro-pop scene with the much anticipated release of his debut album “Start Again”.

Max recently relocated from KwaZulu-Natal where he grew up to Denmark six months ago, just before the explosion of Covid-19, which has given Major Max some time to sink into his own world, emerging from the other side with a five-track album that slaps hard.

With influences like Kygo, One Republic and 5SOS, Major Max has managed to harness the band background he hails from while experimenting with electro-pop soundscapes. We’re introduced to the sounds Major Max plays with in the energetic, bouncy track, “Daydreaming” which is set up against 80s synthy drum waves.

The pairing of live instruments with electronic beats and layered vocals is evident through track two, “Only Human” and track three, “Rollin’ On” before delivering a drop-the-mic composition in the oomphy closing track, “Unbreakable”.

Closer “Start Again”, encourages you to revisit your dreams and hold on to them as tightly as you can, because sometimes, in suffocating circumstances, they’re the only things we’ve got.