Nakhane will headline Sounds From Africa, a new concert series promoting economic & social development across the continent

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Nakhane in action so this live stream couldn’t have come at a better time.

Performing from his UK apartment on Monday the 29th of June 2020 from 8:30pm to 9:00pm, the soulful singer and songwriter will be joined by Namibian-based folk singer Elemotho, to complete the second concert of the Sounds From Africa series.

There is no fee to watch this stream and all donations received will go directly to support the featured artists that have been financially impacted by the current crisis.

Performances will be hosted on Skyroom Live and Womad Festival.

The Sounds from Africa concert series will be “the first regular live stream concert series with a pan-continental scope to emerge from the African continent”, notes CCA member Ignacio Priego Jimeno (of Concerts SA). The series offers a diverse and culturally rich array of musical stylings and genres from across 17 African countries to new audiences around the world. Recognizable names like Mokoomba (Zimbabwe) and Vusi Mahlasela (South Africa), are interspersed with developing artists from across 17 countries in this new curated programming effort from Cultural Connections Africa (CCA) and their partner organizations. The series is produced by CCA network member Brad Holmes (of Bassline Festival, SA) and Mushroom Productions (SA) in cooperation with other partners.

Cultural Connections Africa, founded by Walter Wanyanya (Director of Jacaranda Festival, Zimbabwe) and Katherine McVicker in April 2019, is a diverse continent-wide association of highly established music promoters, festival directors, artist managers, producers, and other arts administrators, curated the roster for the series.

The series is a joint venture of the network and like-minded cultural arts partner organizations from around the world that share the mission of connecting people through culture and music. Katherine McVicker, co-founder of the network and Director of premier boutique booking agency Music Works International (MWI) explains that the series “is part of a continued effort to celebrate diversity, amplify historically marginalized voices, and promote professional development, mentorship, education and the diaspora of African music around the globe”.

Though born as a result of the pandemic, the series will be ongoing and will continue as a form of cultural exchange. Virtual streaming performances not only benefit the audience, it develops careers by showcasing artists to new markets without burdensome travel costs, visas, or all the expenses that makes it impossible for developing artists to gain recognition beyond their home country borders.

Check out the full Sounds From Africa Series Schedule below.

Monday 22 June
Mokoomba (Zimbabwe)
Hosted by Colours of Ostrava

Monday 29 June
Nakhane (South Africa) and Elemotho (Namibia)
Hosted by WOMAD UK

Monday 13 June
Yugen Blakrok (South Africa) and Lize Ehlers (Namibia)
Hosted by Colors of Ostrava

Monday 27 July
Paulo Flores (Angola) and A’mosi Just A Label  (Angola)
Hosted by Colors of Ostrava