Red Robyn’s brand-new single “I’ll Stay the Same” is a beautiful ode to self-worth

It’s not often you come across an artist who not only manages to consistently put out exceptional work that truly resonates with their listeners – and also whose relationship with music goes far deeper than simply making something that sounds good. Red Robyn’s musical journey has seen her expand from her roots in contemporary Christian music, R&B and folk-soul, to become comfortably established within South Africa’s alternative music scene.

Following on the heels of her glowing single “Got Me”, her latest release, “I’ll Stay the Same”, is just the joie de vivre we all need in these ridiculously challenging times. The second release from her upcoming EP Girls Wear Pink, “I’ll Stay the Same” comes to terms with letting go and having to move on in the wake of a relationship that met a tumultuous end. 

In what can only be described as a match made in musical heaven, the track is produced by fellow World of Bird-er, electronic producer Benjamin McCarthy (Oracles and Mama Aiuto), who manages to perfectly capture the essence of the song: an overwhelming hopefulness intertwined with the slightest hint of melancholy. 

Featuring masterfully layered melodies to create a vibrantly buoyant sound, the addition of a decidedly upbeat rhythmic framework brings some uplifting energy into the mix. The result is both confident and dynamic.

In the end, however, it is Red Robyn’s shimmering vocals and earnest lyricism that truly ties the track together. It’s a testament to both her spirit and her talent – and it’s a captivatingly catchy song with a whole lot of heart and charm.