SBP4 came to Cape Town to record an album and the best thing to come out of it is their candidly comedic “African Dream” film

Russian indie alt-pop band SBP4 came down to South Africa at the beginning of this year to fulfil a couple of longtime dreams – supposedly. It’s hard to get all the facts clear through the smokey lens of a cleverly modelled comedic film and a lot of Russian text to run through Google Translate.

In January 2020, the enigmatic trio headed down south to record a couple of tracks at Red Bull Studios in Cape Town. They brought along Anton Kurilchik, and Dmitry Fadeev of Ooh Noo Productions to film it all and what unfolded was a hilarious and – likely – unprecedented comedic short film – “African Dream”.

Capetonian photographer Theodore Afrika plays the role of Pa: a flamboyant and self-assured director, who SBP4 traveled to South Africa with the particular aim to collaborate with. What follows is a three-part side-splitting baffler of a short film. Shot candidly – with enough sincerity for one to almost doubt the fiction of the piece – the video follows the dodgy creative zeal of Pa as he leads the band around Cape Town for a series of bizarre shoots only to slip off the map entirely after a particularly heated exchange on Table Mountain. For the rest of the juicy details you’ll have to watch the whole series.

That wasn’t all they did though – far from it, SBP4 are one of the most proactive bands on the map. With the help of wonder agent and event organiser Tourmaline Berg they performed a one-night gig at the newly revived Obs jewel The Armchair Theatre.

To add to that, and to get appropriately attired, they teamed up with GoodGoodGood and David Brits for brand new band costumes – while enlisting the likes of hip-hop artist Sandy B and the vocal strains of Lana Crowster for their album recording process to boot.

They’ve even dropped the real music video for “Nezho”: an appropriately off-kilter, unashamedly bizarre visual filmed at the Long Street Baths. It’ll make you laugh too.