Sishii drops his latest single “IDC” and it’s a move in the R&B-meets-trap direction that brings out the best in his voice

Say what you want about Sishii, but don’t call him predictable. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter takes another unexpected turn with his latest single for “IDC” and becomes the spokesperson for relationships that, for whatever reason, have reached their expiry date.

The song opens up on him playing the blame game (“Hey, hey, look at what you’ve done/ Got me fucked up like I’ve done you wrong”) but it’s kind of unclear who the guilty party is – I’m Team Sishii though.

With lyrics soaked in spite and dripping with resentment, he flows effortlessly in and out of melodic themes. Catchy hook after catchy hook, his smooth, soulful vocals remind me of a young Usher Raymond (yes, I said it) but before he allows the listener to get comfortable, he drops into the chorus with words like knives.

“‘IDC’ is the first release of mine that thoroughly depicts the music I love making. The song conveys a relationship gone wrong. My girlfriend fell out of love with me, but instead of admitting it, she chose to get with other people,” Sishii tells me nonchalantly.

He completes the picture and confesses, “Knowing that I’m the one who led her to that point with my own infidelity, the false forgiveness I was given put me in a place where I didn’t want to leave her even though I knew what she was doing. So she rubbed it in my face because my guilt was crippling, hence the brutal honesty and resentment in the lyrics.”

“IDC” runs on minimalist electronic bass, trap-inspired drums, and warm sustained keyboard chords, but the production falls slightly flat and doesn’t quite provide the emotionally convincing backdrop to match his vocal performance.

Regardless, this is a clear indication of a young artist testing genre and production waters whilst trying to find his feet and we’re here for it.