SonOfOld’s “Saturday Night” video is a wholesome message wrapped in a quirky lo-fi visual

SonOfOld chronicles what it’s like to be happily young and vaguely directionless with effortless zeal in his latest release. The video for “Saturday Night” is a collaborative effort between Nic Olsen (aka SonOfOld), Cornell Meyer (who also shot and edited Olsen’s video for “Atom Man”) and Thomas Vinton Snively III – and it’s a quirky lo-fi conglomeration of styles.

It’s all raining tomatoes, kaleidoscopic imagery and a wealth of animated counterparts of the split-screen solo-performance for no-one. SonOfOld takes to the mic all by his lonesome, Snively throws wacky, Instagram-story-style edits into the mix and the result is trippy entertainment for the weirdly inclined.

The track itself – which is a further four-part collaboration with his longtime studio partner Daniel Baskin, as well as Sean Ross (MISSU) and Mitch Prinsloo – is awash in ’80s synth lines of all shapes and sizes. It’s like, if thudding bass temperaments met space-cadet lazer synths and their percussive side-kicks, in careful cohesion, and then sang about living your life however you want to.

“It’s good to be fucked up/ carefree/ not your 9-5/ hence I’m alive,” he intones through shifting animation. Pretty wholesome, pretty peculiar.