Steve Umculo’s outdoor acoustic session “We’re Alright” spreads a message of unity during difficult times

In this Outdoor Acoustic session Steve Umculo does what he does best. With guitar in hand and a kick drum at the ready, “We’re Alright” is just the feel-good, sun-drenched tune you might be in need of.

The video opens with the phrase “kulungile”, which means it’s alright in Zulu, a cross-cultural gesture that Umculo’s music has always aligned itself with. The message comes at a very relevant time, as the #BLM movement continues to gain significant and deserved support across the world, and, considering Umculo’s position as a white man in the industry, it’s only right that he’s using his platform to spread a message of unity and acceptance.

Written from the perspective of someone comforting their partner, Umculo understands that things are difficult right now, but reassures us that even though the world feels like it’s falling apart, we’re alright when we stand together.

Umculo has a true talent for soft, surrendering vocals, and they shine brilliantly in this rusty recording.  Matched with the sentiment he brings, it’s a match made in heaven. “Where do we go from here?” he asks. “I know the answers aren’t so clear/just breathe and find”, and he’s right. There’s no easy road to healing past wounds, but the more we dedicate our voices to good cause, the closer we get.