The Kiffness calls the Major of Ekurhuleni to have a little chat about his use of satire and how it’s not actually racist

While America burns in the wake of George Floyd’s horrific murder at the hands of four policemen, back home in SA we have the murder of Collin Khosa at the hands of the SANDF to comprehend – regardless of what the ruling was.

Add to this a global pandemic and there’s no denying that the world has gone tits up, but thank god for The Kiffness to make us laugh, yes? Well, no, not according to the major of Ekurhuleni, anyway.

After being called a racist by the major, which sparked a few violent tweets in its wake, The Kiffness decided to tackle this head on over a phone call with the major, which The Kiffness obviously recorded.

In his latest video that details this recorded phone call, The Kiffness makes a lot of sense, arguing the meaning of and his case for using satire by remixing SA’s National Anthem, citing Trevor Noah doing the exact same thing as a credible example.

My point? With so much going on in the world can we please stop making mountains out of satirical molehills and focus on what really matters – human life and how we treat each other. Thank you for coming to my Texx Talk.