The Shabs’ video for “I Feel Alive” is an ode to friendship

The Shabs’ music, aside from being upbeat and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to, is always – at its core – refreshingly authentic. This authenticity is evident in their thoughtful, well-written lyrics, their unrefined sound and their dedication to telling it as it is.

Their latest release, “I Feel Alive” and its accompanying music video can only be described as quintessentially Shabs – a raw, upbeat and enjoyable anthem, with some profound introspection and self-criticism thrown into the mix. The song speaks to the uncertainty of life, the state of the world and their place in the chaos.

The video is another addition to the tried and tested lockdown formula of combining a bunch of homemade clips together to create a full-length video, but what sets it apart is that it’s an honest and authentic ode friendship. 

Opening with the line, “Everyone in this video has been there for us when we’ve needed help”, each clip features their smiling friends holding up pages with lyrics that are candid and self-critical, a juxtaposition which truly highlights the importance of friendship and how, at the end of the day, your friends have your back.