The TOMS family is expanding to include a new 2nd Hand Store next to TOMS’ flagship store in Braamfontein

TOMS has been TATC’s saving grace more than once over the last four years that we’ve worked together, but when they came onboard as our gear sponsor for Season 2 of Texx Talks, they really saved our butts by allowing us to execute remote recordings during lockdown.

But that’s just the type of team that TOMS are – supportive. And in keeping with their thoughtful ethos, TOMS have just opened TOMS 2 – a 2nd Hand Store that houses older stock and refurbished gear.

For those feeling the pinch during these trying times, TOMS 2nd Hand Store will provide you with a super cost effective solution for aspiring artists on a budget – so that you, exactly like Texx Talks, do not need to compromise on the quality of your end product.

And while there are limited quantities of certain items that are available, if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can always pop into the main TOMS store next door where their top notch staff will be ready to assist with a smile.

Check out TOMS Facebook for more info.