Alanna Joy’s video for “Too Late” is a reminder of the live magic that we’ll hopefully experience again sooner rather than later

The video for Alanna Joy’s “Too Late” is simultaneously a heart-felt ode to the good old days when we took live music for granted and a reminder that one day we’ll be able to mosh to our heart’s content again.

As far as the music goes, the track is a passionate refusal to fall back into the temporary comfort of a toxic relationship. The opening riff is silky and seductive and pulls you into the sometimes calm, sometimes chaotic sound that is quickly becoming Alanna Joy’s trademark.

The video serves a different purpose. Made up of footage shot by the band’s videographer Seth Ryan, its goal is firstly, to pay homage to the venues like Aces ‘n Spades, Mercury Live, and Rust Café which have kept the Cape Town music scene alive and, secondly, to try and bring a bit of comfort and hope to the underground faithful.

In all honesty, watching this video was a bitter-sweet experience for me. As happy as I was being reminded of the magic of live music, seeing the Aces ‘n Spades stage and especially, Mercury Live’s massive M again, made me realise just how much I miss that weekly communion, and I have no doubt I’m not alone in feeling that.

This release is a shining light in these times: a reminder that the day will finally come where we can don our eye-liner and lace up our leather boots to come together to share in the euphoric comfort of live music.