Ashton Nyte wraps poetry in classic folk melody in his new album, Waiting for a Voice

Ashton Nyte brings things a whole lot closer to home in his 7th and latest solo offering. The 12-track poetic exploration of folk, Waiting for a Voice, clocks in at just over 40 minutes of swooning, cinematic folk.

When I say folk, I mean the classic sort which is reminiscent of traditional old English gypsies-round-the-fire sort of thing – and perhaps in a way that’s the only drawback to the whole album. It’s a little too quintessential – a few too many melody lines which have been all but lifted off some classic folk ballad.

That being said, Nyte’s rolling baritone vocals and beautifully narrative lyricism lend an astounding beauty to the whole thing. Eerie, mellow acoustics rule his sound. From the bare-boned guitar of “This Isolation” and “I Asked For Nothing” – to the rhythm which unexpectedly takes root in “Ocean Song” and “Has Anybody Seen My Love”.

Tossed in amongst 11 original songs, Nyte threw in a stripped and simplified rendition of David Bowie’s “Heroes” which fits right in – hell, I didn’t even notice till it hit the chorus. And then slap bang in the middle is “Disappear”: a rousing anthem which pulls the whole album out of it’s colour-bled poetic melancholy for a couple of rousing choruses before settling the album back down again.

Just a little more melodic innovation here through, to match the poetry, and it would have brought it all home.