Basson Laubscher announces first live performance since lockdown started at Aandklas in Stellenbosch

This Saturday the 18th of July, Basson Laubscher will do an intimate stripped-down acoustic boogie set at the legendary Stellenbosch venue Aandklas and the best part about it? You can come to the venue and watch.

That’s right! They are allowed an intimate audience but due to restrictions, seating is limited so if you are in the mood for some live music do not miss your chance and get your ticket, which also includes a pizza. Score.

The day will start off at 4pm and will be kicked off by De Wallen’s frontman/legend himself. Mr. Jeandré Swanepoel. They also promise that they’ll adhere to the current lockdown regulations so Laubscher will kick off at 6pm for an hour set.

If you can not make it the show will also be streamed on Showlive for R20, so it’s a win-win situation here.

Grab your tickets for Basson’s gig here.