Clover Carter’s new record, Dark Prince, is as bold as it is jarring, and could do with a little lyrical introspection

Clover Carter has been moving his way through the industry seemingly undercover – signing deals with EGM (Travis Scott, Jason Derulo, Mary J. Blige), collaborating with multi-platinum producer Luke Goliath, and now, releasing his new album Dark Prince

Carter’s music is full-blown trap, centering around snapped out snares, 808 bass rhythms, wheezing samples and a rap style that’s as bold as it is jarring. “Can’t Truss” (feat. Isaac Skater) opens the record up in assured style while “Don’t Like You” takes a surprising turn towards a kind of West-African, reggae groove. “Folk Tales The Return Of” (feat. Stupendous) is probably the most brooding point in the record, pushing a distorted vocal sample through an even darker bass line. 

I’ll be the first to admit that trap has never featured too fondly in my record library, but I don’t think it’s the wall of indifference that drags Dark Prince down. Carter tends to repeat his lyrics A LOT, and never really expands his musical scope past drugs, sex or taking over the world.  And sure, there’s no need to let your guard down when you’re backed by a genre as formidable as this, but if Carter showed just the slightest bit of his true self, his talent would grow and shine stronger than ever.