Dominic Fike’s long anticipated debut album “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” is what lockdown memories are made of

It’s been a long time since I’ve been as infatuated with an artist as I am with Dominic Fike.

Is it his boyish charm and IDGAF attitude? Sure. Is it his eloquent way of translating his pain by tapping into relevant social issues through penning his thoughts? Of course. What about that Apple teardrop tattoo? Jesus take the wheel.

I’ve been hanging onto his every video release – I see you “Chicken Tenders” and “Politics & Violence” – in the lead-up to his debut drop, and now that What Could Possibly Go Wrong is finally here I have to say that I am… DELIGHTED. You thought that was going somewhere different, didn’t you? Impossible.

This album is full of nuanced moments and subjects where Fike leaves little unexplored. Thematically, he explores the trappings of fame and how he’s not really interested in the lifestyle that most are chasing (“Cancel Me”), he questions the endgame of the seemingly mundane actions of our daily routines (“Why”), and touches on being in dead-end relationships on more than a few occasions.

Musically, he shifts effortlessly in between quirky indie (“Chicken Tenders”), blues-rooted musings (“Good Game”), and an alternative hip hop sensibility (“Florida”) which sets him apart from his contemporaries. Hell, he even throws a harmonious string interlude into the mix (“10x Stronger”).

The man is a musical chameleon. There are a few obvious standouts in the pop-rooted “Vampire” and the Anderson .Paak-esque “What’s For Dinner?”, that smacks of his early B-Sides work with its neo-R&B groove, but I’ll let you flesh out your faves for yourself.

I have been preaching the gospel of Fike since the beginning of 2019, for god’s sake just do me a favour and listen to this album, it’s what lockdown memories are made of.