Don Bunji’s video for “Let Them Talk” is all about keeping your head down and chasing the dream

Malawian-born Afrobeat artist, Don Bunji, has dropped his first music video, “Let Them Talk”, in anticipation of his debut album 18.15.1990.

Produced by co-conspirator BFB, in a flashy collab with Swanker apparel, the instrumentation and energy of the song is reminiscent of NYC’s bustling hip hop scene in the ‘90s, with a distinct African flair, and sets the scene for Don Bunji’s hard hitting lyrics.

The video catches DB in the gym and boxing ring – a metaphor for the hustle and grind that goes into realising the dream – keeping his head down and the noise out as he works away at the punching bag.

I’m a big fan of artists who prioritise the hustle so you bet I’ll be keeping an ear to the ground for DB’s debut.