Ethyl Ether pulls a dark-psych card in their gritty cover of The Church’s “Under The Milky Way”

“Under The Milky Way” was released in 1998 by Aussie alt-rock legends The Church. It’s a neo-psych dream pop fruition of silky synths gone right. Fast forward two decades and Ethyl Ether just released their own take on the timeless track. This time around it’s roughed up and peppered with just a little road-side grit as the stoner-rock quartet inject a little bit of their own vibe into the mix.

The track is lifted off their latest album, Chrome Neon Jesus – now there’s a catchy album name if I ever heard one – a 2-year labour of love and a journey right down the rabbit hole of rugged psychedelic rock.

While simultaneously holding true to the original, Ethyl Ether channel a sort of post-rock confluence with “Under The Milky Way”, as they spell out just what they’re searching for in a hazy accompanying video.

It’s not so much an exploration of life as it is a celebration of it. Any cheesy-ness which might surface in response to the black and white frames – falling in and out of love, having babies, watching them grow, even the unlikely unveiling of a break-up written in beach sand – is offset by the rollicking authenticity of their fine-tuned psych-rock style.

Take it with a pinch of salt and a smile.