Fay Lamour’s latest EP, Blue to Yellow, explores the glittering jazz nuances of the 20th century

This lady has a real ear for jazz. Fay Lamour’s latest – and second self-produced EP to be released this year – Blue to Yellow is a glittering homage to 1920s jazz, kitted out with a contemporary Lana del Rey-esque flair.

The 6-track offering, which tackles overcoming that which life throws at you and turning a blue situation yellow, is an undeniably mellifluous offering, unfolding at a leisurely pace as each track seamlessly flows into the next. Twinkling piano and Lamour’s velvety vocals form the backbone of Blue to Yellow, while the addition of vibrant saxophone and an unflustered beat come together to create an alluring EP that is rich with the charm and the timeless nuance that characterises jazz.

Mixed and mastered in its entirety by Lamour, it’s well-produced – if not slightly unrefined – and makes for a wonderfully easy (and cosy, in a way that only jazz can be) listening experience. From the sultry jazz sounds of Famous Excuses to the more pop-leaning titular track Blue to Yellow, Lamour’s latest EP is a treat for the ears and the perfect soundtrack to unwind to on a Sunday afternoon.