Fu Dog’s bite-sized electro EP, Placid, is a mellow tapestry for the festival blues

Fu Dog is one of those newcomers to the scene who you’d swear have already been around for years. Freshly signed to Ambious Records, Fu Dog’s fleeting 3-track EP Placid, is the boutique Cape Town label’s 35th release and a tasty 15 minutes bred for the dance floor.

It’s a carefully curated little offering – a dynamic blend of deep house grooves and experimental production. Moving through, step by step, a night on the electro-fest dance floor it slips from the mellow beats and watery samples (“Placid”) of a 9pm slot right through to a stuttering, wonky, slow-burner of a midnight track (“Plan X”). The latter is accompanied by a sweeping, somewhat unsettling visual, shot and directed by Benedict Meyer zu Strohe.

In the middle, happily sandwiched sits “Passive Acid”: a 6-minute progressive house track which really takes the cake here. Spinning samples match a solidly built driving beat. It’s your basic formula and it always works – threaded with pysch-esque progressive synth builds and playful textures.

Perhaps the EP only errs on the side of simplicity, where it could do with just a few more experimental strokes to really make it stand out. But Fu Dog has all the time in the world to work on that.