Jackal & the Wind track love, loss and isolation in their fresh-faced new EP, Methuselah

Written and recorded across continents during lockdown, Jackal & the Wind’s new EP a refreshing exploration of folk music – soaked in heavy-handed vocal harmonies against an acoustic backbone.

With most of it being recorded in the selfsame room that Chris Kruger wrote the band’s first song in 2013, Methuselah is simultaneously an exploration of loss, love and isolation through a richly painted lens.

There’s a melancholic undercurrent which runs through the entire EP, manifesting in chiming acoustic guitar and cozy, familiar melody lines. “Wind to Find You” is doused in richly layered vocal harmonies and narrative lyricism, while “Razor Blades” melts like chocolate on the tongue, navigating a left-field love tangent.

“Scuppernog” is a pretty and cascading exploration of loss, while “Sailing Seas” wraps things up with baritone inflection. It’s one of the most stripped and wholly acoustic projects I’ve heard in a while. Any production which weaves its way into the mix is as simplistic as it comes.

They’ve got a 4-part animation series by Simeon van den Berg to add a visual interpretation to each track, so keep those eyes and ears peeled.