Jackie Queens publishes “Making Music Together” an excellent guide to collaboration for house music vocalists & producers

Jah bless singer-songwriter and all-round badass, Jackie Queens, who has written a free guide to collaboration for SA house music vocalists and producers who are starting out that cover all the basics you need to know – splits, paperwork and releasing.

“Until now there wasn’t a place where artists could see this information laid out in a way that applies to how they work in real-time,” Jackie tells me when I ask her why she thought it was important to create this document

“More importantly, there’s a general lack of knowledge about how collaboration and copyright work. Often this leads to artists signing away their intellectual property and/or disenfranchising each other. I wrote the guide to empower artists with information from their first song.”

Her guide is a punchy, four-page document that lays out the specifics very clearly, and it’s a wonder that nothing like this has been created before.

“Given the monetary and cultural value of music, it’s alarming that few resources exist to empower artists to know how to protect their intellectual property,” Jackie says shaking her head.

“Unless you study music business at a college or have access to the internet you rely on experience to teach you. This is a dangerous position to be in when you’re working with people who also don’t know or do know but want to exploit you. To a certain extent, I think DAC (Department of Arts & Culture) needs to be responsible for something like this. There should be an easily accessible repository of this information in all languages to level the playing field.”

Jackie is also looking to get this guide translated into different African languages, so if you, or someone you know, would be able to lend your expertise, get in touch with Jackie on Facebook.

EDUCATE YOURSELF – read and download the free document here and now.

Feature pic courtesy of Belia Oh Photography.