Josh Middleton delivers some dark pop soul in his new video for “Somebody (Sorry)” and has upped his game tenfold

I’m going to kick things off saying that, since I last heard a Josh Middleton track, the Jozi teen prodigy has upped his game like I cannot believe. He’s barely pushing 18 and yet here he is, delivering some of the best tracks I’ve heard this year.

After the rousing success of his last release “Caught Up” – it’s being happily celebrated on the radio-waves, I heard it yesterday – which saw him as one of the youngest artists to make his way into the Shazam Top 200, he’s got a fresh, new heartfelt release for us and it’s his best yet.

“Somebody (Sorry)” is both written and co-produced by Middleton and BadFuture’s, Paul Gala, and is paired with a gorgeously simple one-take video by Canadian Johannes Schoutsen. The whole track is gloriously simple in fact – well, as gloriously simple as a dark-pop anthem can get. He’s got these growling baritone vocals which decidedly choose not to match his face – think George Ezra, only South African – and an expertly stripped, drum-synth-snare style which ties the whole track together.

Laying out his heart on his sleeve for your perusal, Middleton tackles a heart-felt apology for just how much love he feels he needs. And it speaks to us all. It’s about being human, and the necessity for connection which comes along with it – and he has raised. The. Bar.