Kloudink chart studio shenanigans and a spectrum of emotion in their “June Flower” video

Garden Route homeboys Kloudink channel the sort of indie-pop youthful nostalgia that will never not be relevant. While the visual accompaniment for “June Flower” might not be as impressive as their ’80s flashback volleyball video which dropped earlier this year, the track itself is quietly refined and expertly considered.

Josh Berry (HONEYMOAN) helped produce the track, which was written back in 2019. It’s rife with jangling guitar lines, bubbling synth and the occasional clatter of the tambourine to keep things funky – finding a light-footed balance within the indie-pop spectrum which sets them somehow apart from their contemporaries.

The video is a sneak peek into what appears to be their creative procrastination station – aka home studio. We’ve got big hair and big moustaches, little bit of yoga, a touch of meditation, a whole lot of intermittent jamming and a glimpse of live performance.

Yellow lyrics stamp across the bottom of the screen, unraveling the two-part story-line of the multiple-step breakup emotional process. There’s enough quirk and nostalgia to pit each against one another and the result is a summery, feel-good little snapshot into Kloudink in their natural habitat.