Let Bye Beneco’s otherworldly sounds and styles take you on a much-needed live stream journey

When I think about Bye Beneco, my mind conjures up pleasant thoughts about a quirky aesthetic, ultra cool venues and a truly evocative sound. I suppose this has a lot to do with some of the places that I first saw them perform – think Common Ground in Maboneng, Rise and Shine Fest in Sandton and the Nirox Sculpture Park.

But wherever it has been, the common denominator is always their vibrant authenticity.

Naturally my expectations were quite high when I drove to the Urban Sessions studios in Braamfontein to watch their live stream, and it soon became clear that, like all those above-mentioned times before, all of us were in for a real treat.

Lenny-Dee Doucha’s unmistakable tone and timbre filled the room, and when they started to play I missed being in a crowd of people watching everyone feel the groove more so than any other live stream I’ve attended. I mean, we’ve all been missing that kind of interaction since the start of lockdown, but these songs and the feelings it evoked just heightened that pre-Covid longing.

But regardless I went home happy, glad that I’d made the trip which is why I’d strongly suggest that you take some time out to enjoy their gig at your leisure on Video On Demand where tickets are R40 a pop.