Meet FLØRIS: the Capetonian funk magician with an excess of rhythm

I’ve heard a lot of Jungle Book covers in my lifetime – and maybe it’s just the fact I’ve been quarantined in a hotel room for 12 days – but FLØRIS’ live rendition of “I Wanna Be Like You” got me out of the desk chair to dance.

To be honest, most of his tracks are going to make you want to dance. With effortless dexterity FLØRIS has hooked all the best bits of disco and funk out of the ’60s and reeled them right back into the present. He’s an alternative solo artist from the Mother City, kitted out with a guitar, a kick drum and the sort of warm, rolling vocals that’ll catch you off-guard with their classicism.

He paid a little visit to Epitome Studios last month for a three-track insight into just what he’s creating. The lauded film studios recently partnered with a slew of local musicians to launch The Corner: a live music series to put out some socially distant live performances while we still can’t catch the musicians in the flesh – and FLØRIS hopped on to lay down some lines.

Today sees the release of “Smooth Sailing” – the first track on the lineup of an extended release campaign which will be rolling out for the rest of the year – and if his live performance above didn’t convince you yet, it’s the only further introduction you’ll need.

“Smooth Sailing” is the kind of disco-indie-funk conglomerate you never knew you needed: a rhythm-rooted, synth-infused modernistic throwback of a track which hit home with Elvis-esque vocal stirrings and a couple of cold hard truths about the corporate rat race thrown in to make it matter.

And just in case you thought that’s all he has, he whips out some nimble fret-work to wrap things up with a tasty lick of riffage. If ever there was a time to apply the word groovy, this is it.