Omar Morto makes his Sirup debut with Patty Monroe in a lockdown jol collab titled “2Night”

Omar Morto signed to Swiss dance music label Sirup at the beginning of the year and “2Night” sees his debut release on their charts with a catchy collaboration with Patty Monroe.

The track rocked up the German/Austrian iTunes Dance 100 chart, has been featured on the international Dance XL playlists, and is still currently charting on Apple Music’s Future Hits and Future Dance Hits playlists.

It comes along with a visual tailor-made for lockdown – as most things are these days. A green-screen edit from James Corder places the duo in a disco-hued apartment block appropriately named Monroe Heights.

The track is a high-tone little dance number, somewhat saved by Morto’s solid, hollow beat which drops when the chorus does. Patty Monroe’s breathy vocals hit a couple of lyrical standpoints before falling a little flat – with the resounding beat stepping up to redeem the track.

She cuts a striking figure though in the central window of her eponymous block of flats. It’s all neon-hued and triggers jol nostalgia as they chart a reenactment of emotional catharsis during lockdown – which involves dancing in one’s windows – something I think we all have done by now.