Onskuldige Doodsvonnis make their feelings for our government blatantly clear in their latest single and video “Wanorde!”

Onskuldige Doodsvonnis’ video for their latest single “Wanorde!” is as intimidating and fragmented as the society the song lambastes.

“Wanorde!” is a hard-hitting number that rages against the way South Africa has been run in recent years and, especially, during our lockdown. In spite of the fact three of the four members of the band have spent significant time living outside the borders of our country, their rage at the government’s mismanagement is as palpable as if they had been here all along.

The video brings an element of terror to said rage. The plague masks that feature at the beginning combined with the ominous lighting drive home a kind of panic that I’m sure we’ve all felt over the past few months. Add to that some stylistically fragmented camera-work and editing as well as an increasingly frantic performance from frontman Damian Strydom and you have a mixture that’s enough to make the skin crawl.

Onskuldige Doodsvonnis are pissed off with the state of our country and the video for “Wanorde!” brings that emotion to life.