Oshri reminds us that you are your own worst enemy with brand new video “Familiar Enemy”

“Wherever you go, there you are.” International pop talent Oshri demonstrates this poignantly in his latest single and music video, “Familiar Enemy”.

Inspired by some tough times, Oshri hotlined friend and South African fashion photographer, Ebrahim Hajee during a trip to the Mother City. From there they created a deeply relatable music video for his brand new track, about learning to stop running and face personal demons.

Stepping out of his comfort zone, Oshri, Hajee and stylist Luise Steytler took to the expanses of Cape Town’s hills and beaches without a shot list nor a proper script which made for a candid outcome.

Oshri shows us a side of himself that he didn’t like, but a side he had to learn to accept and the music video relays this perfectly. 

Breath-taking drone shots of symbolic objects like the makeshift yin-yang sign and Oshri staring pensively at his reflection in a body of water makes for a clever, meaningful narrative of someone who is trying to escape themselves but instead finds freedom.