Out Cry’s video for “Butterfly” reminds us to live life in our own time

It’s not often you hear from them, but Swaziland has some talent tucked away there.

Out Cry is a six-piece contemporary Christian alt-rock outfit comprising of Ryan Mandy (vox and guitar), John Flemming (bass) and Chelsea Mandy (synth) all hailing from South Africa, while rapper Wandile “V” Bhengu and guitarist Velicia Malinga are from Swaziland, and drummer Lusekelo Kalelemba hits us up from Zambia. Together, the group blends Afro pop, rock, rap and indie styles into a conduit for expressing their beliefs. 

Recently, Out Cry pulled director and producer Kyle White on board to shoot a music video for their latest single “Butterfly” after a successful crowdfunding campaign – which saw a fan from the UK donate a considerable amount towards the project. 

In return for the fan’s generosity the band requested a personal situational theme from her which turned into the base theme for their video.

Despite some initial ambiguity, you’ll discover a touching narrative based around the tumultuous relationship between teenage daughter and mother when said daughter strays down a path her mother doesn’t approve of. It’s a classic sort of thing.

In your somewhat generic concept, scenes flick between isolated woodland dancing, and the story itself, and in spite of itself “Butterfly” is visually successful in executing the theme to fit the emotive song.