Rising producer HYMR drops Artificial Intelligence, a cosmic, electro-tinged offering with plenty room for indulgence

HYMR’s Artificial Intelligence feels like the soundtrack to Christopher Nolan’s next space odyssey. It’s filled with the electronics to make you feel like you’re floating amongst the stars, driven further by almost mesmerizing basslines. Every track is sweetly transcendent, each a passing moment in HYMR’s sound universe.

Right off the bat I’ll admit that the chiming production and galactic synths are only novelty choices. Listen to tracks like “Cosmic Dreamer” or “We Belong Together” and you’ll seriously be wondering whether or not the music is better suited to backtrack a video game. It feels as though there’s a lack of intention in the writing, and while it does make room for the listener to fully immerse themselves, it’s hardly ‘listening music’. 

Luckily, though, HYMR does find musicality elsewhere. Opener “Artificial Intelligence” (feat. Ry) carries good vocals alongside a properly indulgent guitar line, while “My Devices” turns catchy chorus lines to sultry repetition. “The Dawn of A.I” even gets a little groovy, with faster basslines and club-suited melodies that push HYMR’s sound past ambient lull. 

Interestingly enough, HYMR plans to take his music into the film world, which makes perfect sense. With his innate flair for soulful compositions, he’s bound to make a success of it, Artificial Intelligence just the start of an industry-spanning career.