Savage Lucy are back after 5 years with a soaring single “Vagabond” and its somewhat lacklustre video

The first bit of material Savage Lucy have released in five years, “Vagabond” is a sprawling number defined by soaring melodies and crunching riffs played over eccentric and engaging rhythms. What the band have done here is write a song that can either be the centre of attention or background music without losing any of its power.

However the visual accompaniment falls far short of giving the poignant, dynamic song the justice it deserves.

The video centres around the band’s guitarist Austen Ramsay Lewis, the vagabond in this case, as he wanders around desolate buildings as lost and confused as a Samuel Beckett wet dream – a decent enough concept, if a bit on the nose.

Unfortunately the narrative finds no solace in its use of clichés, with moments of visual trickery being all that grabs the attention – well, that and a bit of self-insertion from the camera man.

Creating a video for a song that comes in at just under 10 minutes is akin to writing a short film – a task that requires careful planning and execution as well as an intricate understanding of narrative building and emotional development. The video for “Vagabond” feels as though more attention needed to be paid to building the concept into something unique and evocative. 

The track though? Fire.