Soda Studios is Joburg’s hottest new independent broadcast spotlighting African talent to the world

Soda Studios is a primary platform for African creatives and producers to bring stories and performances to life with state-of-the-art, relevant and affordable technology, in a creative and fully immersive environment.

Soda Studios is the brainchild of entertainment tech veteran Mic Balkind. A forerunner in the broadcast and entertainment industry as creator and owner of digital nightlife website JHBLive and digital tech agency Contentbar, Balkind has gathered an amalgamation of tech, media, sound, lighting and video experts to complete the vision and launch the studio space.

Some of the studio crew consist of industry stalwarts such as legendary sound engineer Gavin Echard, lighting specialist Rene Rosso, videographer and editor Ryan Jarret and DJ Rude Boy Paul, well known from YFM and Power FM – all bringing years of experience to an already world-class production facility.

With an aim to rekindle and further ignite the entertainment industry after the devastating effects of the Covid-19 virus on its players, the studio provides top-notch technology in a safe environment that not only generates a once-off experience for the artist but allows the viewer to watch, engage and act as a co-host alongside some of the finest talents in the country.

Fully catered with all the technological and aesthetic requirements needed for quality content, Soda Studios is placed right in the heart of downtown Jozi, a throbbing metropolis of mixed cultures and raw talent, constantly going through creative change in music, art, design and fashion.

So if you’re looking for a space to create, Soda Studios basically has everything you could ever wish for.