Tate McRae is MTV’s Push Artist for July and proof that up-and-coming female teen prodigies are about to flip the scene

It’s no surprise that Tate McRae was listed as MTV’s Push Artist for July – the 17-year-old Canadian darling has been killing it right through lockdown. With a voice to match our girl Billie Eilish (she even featured on Tate’s EP) and some silky lyricism which far surpasses her years, McRae is powering up the ladder of teens doing it right.

Like most of her contemporaries (and even fellow countryman Justin Bieber) she owes a lot of her success to the gloriously broad reach of social media platforms and their dedicated users. Youtube was McRae’s claim to fame, if you will – while teen-star-turned-20-something Aussie hitmaker SAYGRACE garnered a whole lot of attention via TikTok – spawning a viral dance challenge for her track “Boy’s Ain’t Shit” which actually featured Tate McRae and another young darling Audrey Mika.

Mika, who is barely pushing 19 and another Gen Z pop star teetering on the brink of it all, claimed a cult-like following from her pink toy microphone YouTube covers. Then TikTok came along and claimed her really – and now she’s got a good couple of sold-out shows under her belt.

These girls are making global waves and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got up sleeves for the rest of the year.