The Loose Ends’ highly anticipated self-titled debut EP is packed with authenticity and power

Cape Town based psych-rock outfit The Loose Ends’ self-titled debut EP takes on an intense, psychedelic journey through the personal and societal problems that have shaped the world we live in.

Having spent over two years building a name for themselves the three-piece have finally settled down to put together a six-track EP, dripping with lo-fi goodness and the kind of raw power that needs to be played at full-blast.

Things get off to a political start with “Dog”. The opening track’s sinister intro has a patient tension to it, biding its time before exploding into an attack on the ruling elite. Lead singer and songwriter Sihle Mkhize’s voice is filled with frustration and anger as he compares them to dogs who should be put down as the instruments start trying to incite a revolution around him.

Songs like “Changing Colours” and “Nothing To Lose” veer away from politics; the former delving into the internal chaos of getting older and the latter sardonically telling the tale of a toxic love triangle, the upbeat rhythm contrasting starkly with the chaos in the lyrics.

“Rearrange” picks up where “Dog” left off, the rip-roaring intro falling into a more militarised structure giving the song an unwavering sense of power. It must be said that at times Mkhize’s voice gets lost behind the instruments but the anger in his voice more than makes up for it.The Loose Ends is an EP defined by authenticity and power. Mkhize’s delivery is honest and raw from start to finish and his emotions are wonderfully complemented by the musicians around him.