Time to get nostalgic because Dukes Of Note – Live at The Raptor Room 2019 relives the wild energy of live performance

Dukes of Note, a group of carnival rock miscreants hailing from the Cape, have just put out a 7-track recording of their 2019 Halloween performance, and it’s all in keeping with the spooky wonder of the 31st of October.

Three months down the lockdown line and the memory of live music is starting to feel sadly faint. Sure, we’ve had live-streams to enjoy, but let’s be honest, no alternative can beat the raw energy of a gig, and Dukes of Note’s audio-visual album captures those happily loose times. 

With fun, interactive elements woven into their performance, every Dukes gig is a mystery that will plunge your imagination into the depths of the unknown. Opener “Welcome to The Carnival” harks back to the ska days of madness, mashing balkan groove with elements of gypsy punk. “Sway” twists horror melodies around old-school rock riffs, and closer “Devil’s Playground” culminates in a psyche-yourself, jump-around sound circus. 

At some point the theatrics do start to feel a little corny and you begin searching for a more grounded, melodic sound. However for those that appreciate the wackier side of music, Dukes Of Note – Live at The Raptor Room 2019 is literally made for you. It’s thrilling, it’s fun and it’s bound to lift your lockdown spirits.