Unrequited love reigns supreme in Thor Rixon’s disco-pop video for “Why Don’t You Love Me”

Is there anyone groovier than Thor Rixon? I mean, I’m sure there is but I haven’t seen anyone pull off a mullet like this in years. The Cape Town native, Berlin-hailing beat-maker is taking a little left turn away from his harder-hitting techno stuff with a fresh and funky combination of ‘70s disco and modern pop pizzazz.

You might think “Why Don’t You Love Me” might hit you where is hurts – in that tender unrequited love corner you haven’t thought about in a while. It actually doesn’t, opting instead for an unexpectedly uplifting little groove-drenched earworm which keeps you high and dry above that melancholy, despite the lyricism.

The video – shot by Luke Nelson, and featuring artist and photographer Kelly Makropoulos as the aloof and enigmatic love interest – is a snappy and colour-soaked exhibition of retro-fitted style and grace. By that I mean it’s basically an effortlessly cool display of ’90s fashion and 2020 Western Cape vistas.

We’ve got polo necks and bowling alleys, velvet coats, pink pants and a snazzy convertible cruising through suburbia. Percussive beats meet bubbly synths and don’t stop.

It’s jam-packed with groove, and it’s a sly little reminder that “love is a two way street, baby.”