You and the Moon’s The Bedroom EP lives right up to its name and is full of intimate appeal

You and The Moon (real name Jaco Loots) is a Cape Town-based singer, songwriter and producer whose debut EP, aptly named The Bedroom EP, is a strikingly simple yet undeniably intimate offering which is, in his own words, “for the love of love itself”.

The short – but sweet – EP, which is characterised by its unembellished earnestness, compromises of four love songs which oscillate between being deeply angsty, as seen in “Hex” and full of the hopeful optimism that love can bring, such as in the light-hearted “You”. 

Written, recorded and produced in its entirety by Loots, The Bedroom EP features a blend of exceptionally simple and clean acoustic and electronic melodies made up of lucid guitar chords, moody piano and some easy-going electronic beats.

Perhaps where the EP falls somewhat short is that the vocals, with the exception of those in “It Will Start, Pt.1”, bleed into the background, and as a result struggle to distinguish themselves in the songs, oftentimes being overshadowed by the louder instrumentals. This is a pity as Loots has a wonderfully appealing gravelly voice which adds a distinctly atmospheric element to the music and gives a whole new meaning to the name The Bedroom EP.  A little balance here and we’ll be styling.