You, Me and the Harmony’s newest album, Comets Collide, screams of full-throttle emo-pop

You, Me and the Harmony have been racking up singles from their newest album, Comets Collide, over the past 6 months, and it’s finally out in full-form. 

The band did a livestream album launch on Saturday, and those who tuned in were treated to a high-octane performance that really set the record in its strides. Opener “A Little More”, one of the band’s most successful singles, is undeniably catchy, and the energy it brings makes for a fuller, stronger sound. 

Similarly, “Wasted Lives” packs high drama lyrics and non-stop vocal delivery, qualities that make, and break, the record. While they’re certainly trademark stamps of an emo-pop genre, the sound becomes pretty unrelenting. I find myself searching for some release, variety, a deeper lyrical outlook, and above all else, a softer vocal range. More so, tracks like “Paralysis”, featuring Brandon Pratt’s smudgy metal vocals, don’t help me find what I’m after.

It seems like You, Me and the Harmony mastered one specific way of songwriting on this record and never looked back. It does make for a consistent sound that fans of the genre will surely appreciate, but for those who are looking for a more contemporary record that will take them through their paces, Comets Collide might not be it.