Ameer Hendricks’ new video “Silent”, is raising funds and spreading awareness for victims of gender-based violence

“How can you be silent and call yourself a man?” asks Ameer Hendricks on his latest video single “Silent”. In support of women’s month, Hendrick’s newest release seeks to raise awareness for the gender-based violence movement, calling on men to speak up, and act. The track is also in partnership with Virtually OnTrend and Keep The Energy, promoting their newly launched I Am Me campaign. 

As I sit writing this, with the Cape Town rain pouring down around me, I am reminded of just how important it is to intimate hope, and strength, during these trying times, something Ameer Hendricks seems to be doing with style. Featuring M.A.T.T, this track is powerfully political, even if it may seem woefully unaware at its trap-house surface. 

The video takes their message further, showing survivors of gender-based violence in a dressing room, putting concealing make-up on their bruised faces with tears in their eyes. It’s a powerful visual, and just the stark truth we need to see to take this violence seriously.

Take responsibility, accept accountability, and show up. That’s the overriding message here, and to all the men who already stand in solidarity with the women, don’t ever stop.

Donations to Virtually OnTrend and the I Am Me campaign can be made via Quicket here, of which the funds will go directly to local facilities offering shelter to affected women and children.