Ann Jangle chronicles her 8-month bicycle trip up Africa in her new video “Ballad of Pink Cocaine”

I followed every step of Ann Jangle’s 8 month solo cycle trip from Cape Town to Kenya. She started right around the time I was wrapped up 10 months of backpacking solo through Latin America and it struck a chord – that and I just wanted to see how this badass tackled her new endeavour.

Now it’s just over a year since she set out to raise awareness for animals and uplift communities – and good few months since she returned – and it’s time for a reminisce of her epic journey in the form of her new video “Ballad of Pink Cocaine” – which has nothing to do with coke, I might add. It’s actually about a potent Kenyan concoction of fruit juice and local herbs – which elicited a similar vibe.

“I have always been one of rebellious character and one to poke the bear,” explains Ann. “I thought the name would draw some attention to it”. Classic Jangle.

Her dark folk pairs up with West African rhythm as the influence of the 5000km – which took her through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya – seeps it’ way into her music in the form of driving rhythm and chiming mbira.

The video, directed by award-winning doccie filmmaker and photographer Marius van Graan, juxtaposes wonderfully raw phone footage of her trip with some trademark, wild-haired, cinematic shots of her reeling out the song.

If anything is going to inspire you to travel our continent, it might be this.