Chaos Doctrine double as history teachers with their lyric video for “Father Grigori”

Local industrial heroes Chaos Doctrine’s lyric video for their latest single “Father Grigori” captures the life and times of one of history’s most controversial figures: Grigori Rasputin.

To catch you up: Rasputin was a peasant who, after a religious conversion experience, became a monk that was a powerful but divisive figure in the Russian government during the early 20th century before being assassinated in 1916.

“Father Grigori” – the first single from Chaos Doctrine’s upcoming album – is a powerful, intimidating track that portrays the monk as a supernatural figure – the Anti-Christ himself. The tense intro paints a picture of determination and madness before the crunching riffs and frantic drums announce the arrival of the man many believe to have paved the way for the overthrow of the Romanov Dynasty.

The video, with its faded colours giving it a haunting, archival feel, doubles as a flash-history lesson. After opening with shots of empty fields and cathedrals, the visuals settle into a shot of Rasputin as a puppet master while Russia falls to pieces, the monk’s mad and unwavering stare daring someone to try and stop him. The way the lyrics are presented ties everything together: their unhurried movement adding to the cold, calculating image of Rasputin.

It’s not often that a lyric video completely encompasses its subject but Chaos Doctrine have knocked it out of the park. The words and images complement each other to bring “Father Grigori” to life right in front of your eyes.