Francois van Coke & Van Pletzen’s new single is a feast for the eyes and the mind in Louis Minnaar-directed video

Francois van Coke and Peach van Pletzen Van Pletzen (Van Pletzen) go way back – in fact their friendship spans over two decades.

It all started back in 2009 when they wrote songs for a crazy theatre production called 2-21. These songs morphed into their act Oorlog Frankenstein. Peach then went on to produce Francois’ album with Van Coke Kartel titled Skop, Skiet & Donner in 2010.

But now is the time for “Die vader van Bellville” (Francois van Coke) and “Die prins van die Noord” (Peach van Pletzen) to melt together to bring you an epic 5-and-half-minute kakmal song!

The music video, made by Louis Minnaar, is a kakmal feast for the eyes and the mind and is probably the most out there video that I’ve seen either act in – which is saying a shit load.

I cannot wait to see that little shred battle at the end, in action at Francois En Vriende.