FRNGE deconstructs himself and his sound in his latest EP “DISTORTED SONGS FOR DISTORTED PEOPLE”

FRNGE is a South African electronic music producer who taps into his darker side for his latest offering, (released by Wet Dreams Recordings) an eerie, ambient, underground dance project that will leave you lost in the sound.

The opener “SKIN PICKER” has a murky atmospheric tone that houses an unnerving build-up ultimately leading to a hard, almost orchestral, drop.

The track feels upbeat cinematic, like the soundtrack to a bank robbery.
“EYES BEHIND YOUR HEAD” feels like the transition from morbid sanity to blissful absurdity; like a conversion from the status quo to something out-of-the-ordinary. The choice of samples adding to the eerie feeling of metamorphosis.

There is a seamless shift into “YOUR GOD IS TOO SMALL” a track perfectly described by FRNGE as an “anarchist anthem”. It is a basement party revolution where the systems in place are being torn down with every heavy-hitting kick. The distorted bass, lo-fi feel and fast-paced melody make for a mind-altering experience.

“FEVER DREAM” is a track that encapsulates its title. It is the ambient dance embodiment of the movie The Lighthouse with every pan of sound pulling you to new worlds. The music alone will trigger moments of vivid imagery while your body moves in unison with it.

“(011)” is an ambient closer that embodies a variety of vocal samples; a dedication from the Johannesburg-born producer to his homies from the 011.

The bonus track exclusive to Bandcamp “SLOW OCEAN” is a slower, more introspective piece of music. The synths and hypnotic vocals will have you floating along to the melody, and will ultimately end with you realising you have to listen to the whole project again.

FRNGE is currently based in Cape Town with a range wide enough to cover the Grand Canyon. Listen to this album and become a fan.