Haikuu drops a driving indie-rap banger in his Prison Break of a video for “Stone Cold”

Channeling an indie-rap fusion of sound which is as refreshing in a hip-hop saturated industry as anything could be, Haikuu has just established himself as an unexpected force to be reckoned with.

He’s got a background in finance and business – and a whole lot of rap versatility to come with it. The degrees are just as paramount to his music career since his plan is to transform the economic experience within the music industry at large – a pursuit I’d love to see come to fruition.

But I digress. We’re here to discuss his newest video, “Stone Cold”: a gritty synth-scape of an indie-rap track lifted off his upcoming album Amalgam. It’s driven by the collective desire to break away – or an exploration of the evolution of self, whichever way you’d like to slice it.

The accompanying video is shot and directed by Xolile Phillips of Cino Media (a media company also founded by Haikuu) – as well a juxtaposing strobe-lit opening sequence shot by The Ouens (a 4-part videography collective). Haikuu takes the role of an evil lab’s guinea pig. Escape ensues and he charts a course a little akin to that Haywire of Prison Break.  

“When I rap I personify dopeness/ Like bacteria in yogurt I’ve been cultured,” he snaps over a thumping beat which propels the track forward – fraught with pulsing brass textures and and evasive lyricism. This is a guy to keep an eye on.