Julian Bach’s second full-length release, Heavy Breathing, stuns with 90’s-inspired ballads

Skilled as a session musician, and as the once frontman of the slick Somerset West-based rock band, Heldervue, Julian Bach is back after a five year hiatus with his second full-length album, Heavy Breathing.

Dealing with issues of addiction and fear, as well as love and the general philosophy of things, Julian’s ’90s-inspired ballads are guitar-driven heartache offerings that almost anyone can feel a little bit of something for. 

“Awkward Moment” pretty much opens the mood for Heavy Breathing, centering his emotional writing alongside a riff-catchy, chorus-heavy structure, while “No One Has To Know” sets a summery tone, as Bach sings about walking with his feet in the sand next to someone he loves. Following on, “Dragons and Demons” is on the groovier, slicker side of things, even if his attempt at rapping is a little lacklustre. 

Unfortunately, the downside to this album are the lyrics, which at times are a bit too generic, and don’t match its strong melodic backbone.

If there’s anywhere Julian Bach needs to take his music, it’s where he goes on “Just Because” – it’s fluid, it’s honest, and when matched with his crooning, Ard Matthews-esque vocals, he’s in for a real winner.