Nalu delivers a sultry ode to balanced love in her new lo-fi R&B single “water-based”

Nalu just delivered one last femme power release as Women’s Month winds to a close. “water-based” is about being in a relationship without the loss of oneself. It’s about the essence of a selfless, yet empowering love. It’s a celebration of a side of women which so often goes unnoticed.

She’s a 22-year-old Capetonian musician and she’s got a lot of things to say – and she does so with expert balance between her spiritual stance and a full spectrum femme empowerment slant which speaks to every woman. “water-based” has got a whole lot of metaphor packed in there too which I’ll let you figure out for yourself.

It bursts the corners of the conventional R&B envelope and wraps a familiar sound in lo-fi, minimalistic jazzy strains and sultry lyricism. Languid, easy and expertly produced, with pitching, soothing vocals building the solid backbone, brick by brick – it’s built for the radio charts with unapologetic originality, and packed full of value.