Parabyl’s latest offering from “Tendrils” drives at the heart of our fragile emotions

Cape Town-based producer Parabyl’s latest EP Tendrils is a piece defined by its contrasting energies.

Comprising of two tracks that, in the producer’s words, symbolise a rise and a fall, Tendrils is more than just a collection of beats and sounds – it’s a representation of the cyclical nature of our emotions.

The title track, which gets things started, is a manic, frantic number that gets under the skin as it tries its best to outrun whatever darkness is chasing it. It’s designation as the rise is more than fitting as the melodies scatter around and over the beat, desperately trying to find solace in their mania.

The fall comes in the form of the sinister, brooding ‘White Fluff’. There are hints of the frantic melodies from the first track but this time they’re more subdued – prisoners begging to be released from the clutches of their powerful captor. As the song goes on they steadily lose the fight and, rather than contrast the heaviness, they complement and become part of the melancholy. Tendrils is more than an EDM record.

It’s an exploration of mania and depression and the ways they dance; sometimes together and sometimes apart but never out of each other’s sight.