Phil Higgins’ debut EP Beautiful Confusion is for all the women navigating a male-dominated industry, backed by true pop-confidence

Phil Higgins’ first EP Beautiful Confusion is a declaration of jazz-pop fusion, and the mark of a woman navigating a male-dominated industry. From anthemic singles on self-worth to vulnerable break-up ballads, Higgins finds her feet with forward-facing confidence on this five-track debut.

At only 20 years old, it’s easy to hear the liberty in Higgins’ music. She writes with no inhibition, making for an, at times, surprisingly experimental style. It brings balance to the otherwise commercial-leaning moments of the EP, in the form of tingling guitar solos and moody lyrical mantras. 

Opener “Phillipa” is really what Higgins stands for as an artist. It’s groovy, it’s versatile, and as she confesses, she’s learned to love the beautiful confusion of not knowing who she is in this strange world.

“Slow Motion” is more indie-inspired, with fluttering vocals and a ’90s chorus for all you lovers of classic pop. But it’s in the more alternative-rooted moments that Higgins really shines.

With warm instrumentation and heartfelt melodies, Phil Higgins is forging a space for herself in the industry, using her platform to inspire other women trying to do the same.