Raskells are spreading love through their music, over borders and across cities, with their latest video “Around You”

Meet Raskells: a Cape Town based seven-piece spreading Afro-infused trap music with an effortless blend of global genres. And to match their international taste, their latest track “Around You”, off their debut EP All I Have, has just got itself a video upgrade, filmed in Germany, Italy, Russia, and of course, the Mother City itself. 

Sadly the track’s charm does fall short, and it’s due to the overly-repetitive writing style. It’s a breezy jam but there are a few elements, like the production and various instrumental parts, that could do with a little more attention to detail and depth.

On the upshot, the video brings with it a bolt of positivity that really matches Raskells’ charisma. Shot by Nikita Gluhov, most of the video shows vocalists Vimbiso Nzuma, Simbarashe Chivanga and Tinotenda Zandodha dancing on beaches and over cobblestone streets, while the global scenes come in the shape of phone recorded fan videos, each singing along to the ever-so-catchy chorus refrain, “around you, around you…”.

Promoting a kind of dialogue without borders, Raskells are certainly spreading their love far and wide.