YXUNGWAVE seeks redemption for the youth in his hard-hitting debut ghetto rap EP, KEMETIC

Where 20-year-old hip hop rap artist YXUNGWAVE (real name Sehlaga Tebogo Terrence) comes from, you have to grow up fast or the streets will eat you alive.

Born and raised in the dusty and dangerous areas of Sekgosese Limpopo, music became the young artist’s sole salvation and at the end of last month he dropped his debut work, KEMETIC. Taking a ‘No Church In The Wild’ approach, the five-track EP ironically flows like a new age trap sermon with YXUNGWAVE at the pulpit. 

KEMETIC paints very real, very heavy scenarios around surviving the often violent streets that the majority of our country’s youth grow up in today. From theft to peddling drugs, rape to watching sisters fall into prostitution, it is startling to think that such dark experiences are ripping away youth from the young.

“I Won’t Forget” hits you like an uppercut to the belly as a sample of Freedom Fighter Steve Biko’s voice introduces the song before YXUNGWAVE asks the listener to question what those at the fore of the struggle would think of the state of South Africa today. 

Through the heady, catchy lyrics, KEMETIC is a youth’s cry for change and social justice – and might just be the new age struggle sound.